PSCB Team Structure

The Puget Sound Computer Baseball League structure includes the PSCB Atlantic and PSCB Pacific leagues with each league having an East and West Division.


PSCB Team E-mail (Excel File)

Atlantic - East

Atlanta Braves

Rob Spierr

Boston Red Sox

Tim Marlo

Detroit Tigers

Steve Blackman

Milwaukee Brewers

Steve Ellis

New York Yankees

Brian Hamm

Washington Nationals

Rod McCord

Atlantic - West

Cincinnati Reds

Tyler Wicks

Cleveland Indians

Ernie Brandt

Los Angeles Angels

Scott Felt

Miami Marlins

Carlos Barrera

Tampa Bay Rays

Sandy McGinnis

Toronto Blue Jays

Scott Van Amburg

Pacific - East

Chicago White Sox

Jim Holland

Kansas City Royals

Alex Stevens

Miami Marlins

Ken Storkson

New York Mets

Todd Fleming

Philadelphia Phillies

Rod McCord

St. Louis Cardinals

Frank DeMarco
Jason Bessonette

Pacific - West

Baltimore Orioles

Pat Kirschman

Los Angeles Dodgers

Jerry Carr

Pittsburgh Pirates

Sandy McGinnis

San Diego Padres

Fred Paup

San Francisco Giants

Alex Clark

Seattle Mariners

Lloyd Stevens



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